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The Best Cat Cages in 2021

Prevue Pet Products Premium 3 Level Cat HomeIt might seem like sheer folly to try to keep your feline friend in a cage, but there are quite a few uses for these versatile devices.

If your kitty has been running amok, or needs to be retrained for the litter box, or is recovering from a surgery, then you’re in the right place. While they aren’t quite as “crate-trainable” as dogs, cats can actually benefit from temporary confinement and if you’re in that situation, then it can be hard to make a choice.

The 5 Top-Rated Cat Cages

Editor’s PicksBrand
Best Cat CagePrevue Pet Products Premium 3 and 4 Level Cat Home
Best Budget BuyIRIS Wire Pet Cage (2 and 3 Tier)
Runner UpIRIS Multi-Level Cat Condo / Cage
Best Outdoor Cat CageProtective Catio Cat Cage
Best Cat PlaypenMidWest Cat Home

Individual Reviews of the Best Cat Cages

Prevue Pet Products Premium 3 Level Cat HomeIt’s truly hard to recommend a cage that fits just right for everyone. The different sizes, temperaments, and reasons for caging our cats can lend itself to a wide variety of options.

For an outdoors experience without the risk of a cat getting away, however, we’d strongly recommend the Lucky Cat Large Heavy Duty Gable Covered Protective Kennel. It’s a sturdy and large outdoor cage, which will let your cat get some outdoors time without you having to worry about them. Or the local fauna, depending on how your cat gets along with birds and rodents.

For indoors, the Prevue Pet Products Premium 3 Level Cat Home or its’ four-floor variant is probably the best you’ll be able to find.

That said, all of our recommendations are top notch, and we’ll highlight who they’re best for as we take a closer look..

Our Pick

Of course, if you want our opinion on it then we’ve already found what we think will be the perfect fit for most cats out there.

Prevue Pet Products Premium 3 and 4 Level Cat Home

Prevue Pet Products Premium 3 Level Cat HomeThe Prevue Pet Products Premium 3 and 4 Level Cat Home is a wonder of engineering for cat confinement. You’ll quickly find out that it’s one of the best around, and it’s definitely aesthetically pleasing as well.

It has a design that will make it easy on the paws, preventing your little fuzzball from getting caught or pinched. It’s designed specifically for cats as well. Thanks to its intuitive creation it’s also super easy to assemble, even for those of us who lack mechanical skills.

It comes in both a three and four level variant, with a stable base. The aluminum construction and single piece base keep it sturdy even if the cat or cats get rambunctious, and it has casters which lock. This means you can easily roll it to wherever you might want it to be.

Our Opinion:

For the temporary confinement of one or more cats within your home, this cat cage is top notch.

IRIS Wire Pet Cage (2 and 3 Tier)

IRIS Wire Pet Cage (2 and 3 Tier)This pet cage from IRIS comes in both a two and three tier variant, as well as a having a couple of color options. The build of this pet cage is pretty incredible, it’s a sturdy piece of work and many people have found their cats loving them.

It’s only rated for indoor use, of course, but a lot of people have found that they’re weather resistant outside. It probably won’t stand up to a determined predator, but if the local animals don’t have those among their numbers it’s safe enough for most applications.

It comes a bit sparse, however, any amenities which your feline demands will have to be procured elsewhere. That said, it’s a great way to let your cat get away and in many places, it can even work outdoors.

Our Opinion:

For a cage which will allow a full grown cat plenty of room, the IRIS Wire Pet Cage might be just what you’re looking for.

IRIS Multi-Level Cat Condo / Cage

If you’re looking for a strictly indoor pet cage for your cats, then this might be right up your alley. It’s made of durable plastic, which keeps it from looking “harsh” but also makes it unsuitable for any kind of outdoor play.

IRIS Multi-Level Cat CondoIt comes in both a two and three story variety and has plenty of ground room for all but the largest of cats.

The main place this one shines, however, is that it’s easy to access the whole cage. It opens on each level, as well as on the top, which makes it easy to retrieve whichever kitty you may be looking for.

This one is easy to assemble, it goes together with pretty much no tools and both options come on casters to allow you to move it easily around the house.

The large amount of empty space can be seen as either awesome or a bit glum, depending on your tastes. It does allow for a huge amount of customization to make the perfect home for your felines, however, just don’t expect it to come with much but the boxes.

Our Opinion:

For an open home to allow skittish cats to retreat, the IRIS Multi-level Cat Condo is a winner.

Protective Catio Cat Cage

Protective Catio Cat CageThe Protective Catio Cat Cage is an awesome way to allow your cats to enjoy their leisure time outdoors without having to worry about any of the risks that normal outdoor cats have to cope with.

In this case, you’ll only end up with the cage, but with a little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to set up a positively huge outdoor play area for your felines. Some enterprising people have even set up tunnel systems to connect their Catio to their home, allowing their animals free access to the “outdoors” from their home.

There’s only one way to truly describe the Catio and do it justice: secure. It’s heavily built with the explicit purpose of allowing you to let your cats go outdoors without having to worry about predators. It has a huge footprint as well, giving you 25ft² to work with.

The only drawback is that it lacks instructions and it comes in at a heavy price.

Our Opinion:

For those who want to make sure their animals are safe outside, however, it’s really hard to beat the Protective Catio as a secure playpen.

MidWest Cat Playpen

MidWest Cat HomeThe MidWest Cat Playpen is designed to provide a fantastic, easily collapsible temporary home for a cat. It comes in at a low cost compared to most of the competition as well, while coming with almost the same quality you’d expect.

The main draw of the design is definitely the fact that the whole thing folds down into the base with a surprising amount of ease. This will let you slide it under a table or couch while it’s not in use.

It also comes with three platforms, allowing your cats to sit up and get a look at the world around them from their desired height. It could even be used for short outdoor jaunts if you live in an area free of predators.

You’ll want to keep in mind this isn’t the sturdiest hangout, and it’s probably more suited for cats who are of the small to average size. Large felines will definitely need something a little bit sturdier.

Our Opinion:

This is a good budget option for those who only plan to use the cage intermittently, allowing for a passable kitty home for a few hours at a time but isn’t suitable as a permanent home.

Xtreme-Cage Cat Kennel Crate

Sometimes it pays to get something simple and strong to keep our felines confined for a night. The Xtreme-Cage Cat Kennel Crate is the perfect option for overnight stays and is surprisingly sturdy for the low price.

Xtreme-Cage Cat Kennel CrateIt doesn’t come with a whole lot of amenities, and most cats aren’t going to find it to be their favorite place to be. What it does offer is a good bit of room for food, water, and a litter box and will let your cat take a look around while they’re in there.

The slide out cage and large doors also allow you to easily access your cat when the time comes and will let you get it clean in a hurry.

Having a cage like this around is a good idea for pretty much any cat owner, there are times when you simply don’t want your cat out and running around and temporary confinement in a cage like this is exactly what you might be looking for.

Our Opinion:

If you need a temporary cage for an emergency situation, this is a budget option which will hold up for a long time.

Why You Might Need a Cat Cage

While no one wants to think of a friendly ball of fur with claws endlessly confined in a cage, there are a lot of reasons that a cat might need temporary confinement.

Taming Ferals

IRIS Multi-Level Cat CondoOne of the most common reasons for people using cat cages is when they come across feral kittens. They’ll need to be tamed, but even kittens can cause quite a mess and quite a bit of damage in a hurry if they’re not properly socialized.

By using a cage to confine them while they get used to you, you can gradually get them used to humans and turn them into the social fuzzballs we all love.

Potty Training

Not all cats come with the natural inclination to use a litter box. A couple of days in a cage with a litter box and they should get the hint relatively quickly.

A one level cage is probably your best option for new kittens since a tumble from a high cage can hurt them.

It’s also a good idea for cats who seem to have lost their manners in this area. They’ll be much more inclined to use the litter box while in a kitty time-out, and that will work out for both of you in the long run.


Quarantining an ill cat is usually a wise idea if you have one feline who is sick while the others are still healthy. This both prevents disease from spreading and allows your cat to get the rest it needs free from the harassment of the other animals in your home.

Introducing a New Family Member

Anyone who owns multiple cats has been through the period of fighting that cats tend to go through when they’re first introduced. You can ease the transition by keeping your new kitten or cat confined until they’re used to each other. In this case, you’ll want to introduce them by bringing the cage into a room the other cat frequents.

Protection Outdoors

It’s proven that outdoor cats live shorter lives. It’s simply a fact, there are a lot of things outside which you can’t control, whether it’s disease, predators, or poisons. By utilizing a good outdoor cage you can keep them safe from danger and still let them enjoy a romp in the sun.

Of course, this protection goes both ways. While our lovable cats are gentle with their humans, they’re also prolific killers of wildlife and that can leave a heavy burden hanging over the head of sensitive people who own felines.


IRIS Multi-Level Cat Condo / CageHumans don’t always live in the same spot for the duration of a cat’s lifespan. Cats usually hate the change, and frequently you’ll have to deal with a lot of hiding and escape attempts upon arriving at your new home.

You can avoid this by bringing the cage with you. Many of the cages we recommended are also great little alternative “cat condos” when left open and this way they’ll have a familiar place to retreat to when you’re done unpacking.

General Recovery

Cats who’ve recently had a surgery, especially in homes with multiple animals, can be vulnerable and might need a “safe space.” Rampaging felines also run a risk of ripping out stitches might be well suited for temporary confinement until they’re healed as well.

A cat cage allows you to observe them, and if they end up liking it you might have saved some money on the next “home” you were planning on purchasing for your cat.

What to Look For in a Cat Cage

If you know what you need to confine your cat for, then you’re already on the right track. It’s a pretty simple task to figure out what you need, but we’ve assembled a checklist for you to make sure that you get everything right on the first try.

Cage Material

IRIS Wire Pet Cage (2 and 3 Tier)Cats can shred some cheaper materials, but for the most part as long as it’s metal you’re good to go. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the water just yet, a solid roof is a must if the cat is going to be outdoors and coatings can help prevent rust over time. Metal will almost always last longer at any rate.

Ease of Access

You’ll want to be able to get ahold of your animal quickly in the event. This means large doors, and usually multiples so you can reach any place in the cage when you need to.


Prevue Pet Products Premium 4 Level Cat HomeDepending on what your purpose is, you might want a larger or smaller cage. If your cat has a tendency to slip quietly into the void the night before a vet visit, then you’ll probably want to make sure that you’ve got ahold of them for their vet visit with an easily transportable cage. For outdoor playtime without risks, something larger is probably better.

Easy to Clean

A clean cage is a happy cage, no matter who the occupant might be. This means that you’ll want something where you can easily access the floor or floors in order to clean up messes as they’re made. No need to let it get a mess, after all.

Different Levels

Xtreme-Cage Cat Kennel CrateCats have an innate need to climb, and by providing them with multiple layers they’ll be much happier. Some high-end cages will even have hammocks and such in addition to regular platforms. These become vitally important if you’re housing more than one cat at a time.


Pet products can run pretty high in price. You might not want to splurge if you only have to confine a cat for a surgery recovery after all, but you’ll be better off getting something comfortable and fit for a feline monarch if you’re constantly having to confine them.

As long as you keep the above in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect cat cage. You’ll be surprised at just how comfortable they can get, and they’re rather diverse. Picture your purpose, keep the above in mind, and read on so we can get to six of the best cat cages currently on the market.


Looking for the best cat cage can be a bit challenging, but we hope we’ve helped clarify the matter for you. Whatever your intended use may be, you’re sure to find one of our favorites that’ll help you and your cat stay safe and sane during their period of confinement.

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