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Clicker Training is a dog training method that is based on positive reinforcement and gentle handling. In fact, in clicker training there is little or no physical intervention on the part of the trainer or handler. The clicker is a simple device that creates a distinct metallic sound that we use in order to deliver accurate information to the dog. The scientific research and evidence regarding the validity of this training method has been known for years and the great researcher B.F Skinner is one of the pioneers of this behavioral field.

One of the most important aspects of animal training is the timing. In order for the dog to learn that a certain behavior gets him a reinforcement, the reinforcement must be delivered while the behavior is taken place. The more accurate we are, the easier it is for the dog to learn. The more we postpone the reinforcement, the less is the ability to associate between the behavior and the consequence. For example, if I want to teach my dog to sit, I need to deliver the treat (reinforcer) right as the dog’s behind touches the ground. This is where the clicker comes in: by establishing a connection between the “click” and the treat, I can manage to deliver information to the dog immediately.

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