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Taking Your Dog to Work

A survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association indicates that having pets in the workplace can create a more productive work environment, lower stress, decrease employee absenteeism, and make employees more willing to work overtime. Companies that allow pets at work also have experienced an improvement in employee morale. Partly due to the proliferation of small businesses, more and more companies allow pets in the workplace.

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15 Ways to Spend Smarter When Traveling With Your Dog to Trials

1.Carpool. Not only will you save gas, you have extra hands to help with setting up all the stuff, watching dogs, and built-in entertainment. Some great discussions have occurred within the confines of a car on a long ride.

2. Keep the vehicle well maintained. We’ve all heard it, but it’s true; keeping the tires inflated properly, the coolant filled, and the oil changed regularly does keep operating costs down. Not to mention saving the expense of emergency roadside repairs.

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The 5 Best Dog Biscuit Recipes

Make sure to read the recipes carefully incase your dog has any food allergies that you are aware of and then double-check to see if any of those ingredients are listed below. Many dogs have different nutritional and dietary needs at different stages in their life, so make sure if you have any concerns or questions to make an appointment to see your local Vet and always check by getting your Veterinarians approval before trying out any new recipes for your canine pal.

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Holistic Veterinary Medicine

You may ask, what does the term holistic mean? The word holistic is derived from the word whole. Holistic veterinary medicine, therefore, refers to the treatment of the whole organism rather than the treatment of individual body parts or simply the removal of symptoms. For example, if a cat is diagnosed by the veterinarian with a urinary tract infection, the veterinarian may prescribe pharmaceutical medication to treat the cat.

Where the holistic veterinarian may provide advice on improving the cat’s overall health through the use of holistic methods in addition to, or instead of, antibiotics to treat the urinary tract infection. Thus, the cat’s overall well-being is being addressed and improved rather than just the ailment that the cat has acquired.

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How to Teach your Dog: Directionals and Disciminations

Many commands mean different things to different handlers.  What is important is not the word you use, but that whatever word you initially associate with a specific behavior, you are consistent in your use of that word.  Often handlers who have super fast dogs that run ahead of them need good directionals and obstacle discrimination because they can’t be with their dogs to use strong body language to give direction on a course.  Directionals and discriminations can also be useful when sending your dog away from you, such as for a gamble.

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The Problem with Dog Shock Collar Training

It isn’t that shock collar training doesn’t work, because it does. The question is at what price? Some extremely skilled trainers may be able to offset some of the problems shock collars can cause. However, shock collars are for sale at almost every pet store making them readily accessible to the general public. A shock collar can potentially lead to very serious problems if not managed by a skilled trainer. There are a multitude of other powerful training options including obedience, behavior management, and positive reinforcement.

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Senior Cat Food

Senior cats, just like us, have different nutritional requirements than when they’re younger. It’s not a drastic change, but keeping up your cat’s health becomes more and more important the older they get, which means that addressing these needs now instead of later is important.

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The Best Cat Water Fountains in 2021

Having trouble getting your cat to drink water from the bowl? Or just want to improve their water quality without having to constantly switch out the bowl? There’s an easy way to do it: cat water fountains are an excellent way to provide clean running water to your cats. But we all know that your cat only wants excellence, so you need to find the best cat water fountain around. Read on, and we’ll show you our favorites and how we picked them.
We’ll start with our favorite, but there’s a ton of them out there, so let’s dive in, and we’ll show you how to get a great cat house for any purpose.

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The Best Flushable Cat Litter in 2021

Our furry friends are great companions around the house, especially cats who gracefully prance around, complementing our living spaces. All cat lovers know it can be stressful for both the owner and their adorable feline to adjust to domesticated living. We understand that dealing with a cat’s litter is not for the faint of heart! Disposing its content and cleaning the litter box is a daily obligation that any cat owner wants to be done with as fast as possible.

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Dog Water Fountains and Waterer

Sometimes a simple dog bowl isn’t enough for our canine companions. Instead, we look to see what’s out there to make things easier. From simple, gravity-fed reservoirs to more advanced fountains, there are a ton of options. It’s finding the best that makes all the difference in the end, however. So, let’s pop right in with our favorite, and then we’ll help you figure out which is the best for your needs!

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Best Tick Shampoos for Dogs

When it comes to parasites, few bother us more than ticks. These disease-spreading arthropods pose a serious threat to our dogs, which means you need to find a way to ward them off. In addition to being aware of the risks, you’ll also need to ensure that you’ve got a great way to kill any roaming in their fur.

For most of us, that means finding the best tick shampoo for our dogs. If you’re not sure which is proper for you and your animal, however, then you’ll want to read on, and we’ll help guide you to the right one for you and your pet.

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