How to Teach Your Dog: Stand

Stand is a good cue to teach when you need to get going. Some dogs like the down or sit position once they are settled and many owners need to pull on the leash to get them going. Using the ‘stand’ cue allows us to get the dog moving without having to “persuade” him to do that in one way or another. It is much easier on the dog and the owner.

  1. Prepare in advance a clicker and some highly reinforcing treats.
  2. Start with the dog sitting. Lure the dog into standing by taking a treat and slowly pulling it away from the dog.
  3. When your dog follows the hand and raises his behind from the ground – click and treat.
  4. Repeat numerous times while trying to reduce the amount of hand movement needed to get the dog to the stand position.
  5. Once the dog is comfortable at doing the ‘stand’ with the lure, start trying to fade the lure. Just put the treat in front of your dog and wait – if the dog does the behavior – click and treat generously.
  6. Now, we can add the word ‘stand’ as the cue. As always, start saying the word while the behavior is occurring and gradually, say it earlier and earlier.
  7. Now, try to do the exercise when your dog is in various positions and not always when he is in front of you. Try standing next to him, behind him, until he follows the cue regardless of your position.
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