Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test

What is the CGC test?

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is an official test of the AKC. It is a certification that acknowledges that a dog has good manners.
The certification program stresses responsible dog ownership and basic canine good manners in everyday life.

The CGC test provides proof that a dog has the basic skills to become a good therapy dog.

What is the CGC test like?

The CGC test includes 10 items:

  1. Accepting a friendly stranger.
  2. Sitting politely for petting.
  3. Appearance and grooming.
  4. Walking on a loose leash.
  5. Walking through a crowd.
  6. sit, down, and stay commands.
  7. Coming when called.
  8. Reaction to another dog.
  9. Reaction to distraction.
  10. Supervised separation.

You can find detailed explanations for each item on the AKC’s CGC website.

How can I prepare for the test?

You can start training your dog for the CGC certification by yourself or with a professional trainer. Clicker training is a great method to use while training for the test. Using the resources on this webpage in conjunction with reading relevant books that can be found in the therapy dogs recommended books section is a great start.

Where can I take the test?

Go the AKC’s CGC website to find the next testing date and location.

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