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How to Teach your Dog: Directionals and Disciminations

Many commands mean different things to different handlers.  What is important is not the word you use, but that whatever word you initially associate with a specific behavior, you are consistent in your use of that word.  Often handlers who have super fast dogs that run ahead of them need good directionals and obstacle discrimination because they can’t be with their dogs to use strong body language to give direction on a course.  Directionals and discriminations can also be useful when sending your dog away from you, such as for a gamble.

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The Problem with Dog Shock Collar Training

It isn’t that shock collar training doesn’t work, because it does. The question is at what price? Some extremely skilled trainers may be able to offset some of the problems shock collars can cause. However, shock collars are for sale at almost every pet store making them readily accessible to the general public. A shock collar can potentially lead to very serious problems if not managed by a skilled trainer. There are a multitude of other powerful training options including obedience, behavior management, and positive reinforcement.

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Shaping is a training method in which the trainer is an observer rather than an active participant in the learning. By observing behaviors, clicking, and

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The Clicker Game

(It is recommended that you read the Shaping article before reading this one) The clicker game is a great method to learn how to use the clicker

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Gradual Training

One of the most important aspects of dog training is the pace in which it is conducted. Many owners and trainers expect too much of

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Charging the Clicker

In order for the clicker to have a meaning, we need to “charge” it. This means that we need to tell the dog that this

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