Best Pet Food Containers in 2021

IRIS USA Inc Storage Container Navy 2While many of us tend to leave our food in the bag, instead of using a container, there’s a lot to be said for finding a specially made container. You’ll not only be able to keep food fresh for longer, but you can also store larger amounts and make sure that the food remains safe from insects, pests, and even your overly hungry pup.

So, let’s get right in, and we’ll see what can be done about finding you the best pet food container around.

The 6 Top-Rated Pet Food Containers

Editor’s PicksBrandRating
Best OverallIRIS USA, Inc. 3- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo4.9
Best for Longterm StorageGamma Vittles Vault Stackable Home Collection Containers4.7
Best Metal Dog Food Containersimplehuman 30 Liter, 32 lb Large Pet Food Storage Can4.6
Best for Outdoor StorageBergan Smart Storage4.4
Best Budget OptionVan Ness Pet Food Container4.1
Best Cat Food ContainerMorezi Cat Treat and Food Storage Tin4.1

What Am I Looking for in a Pet Food Container?

When you’re looking at storage options, you’ll need to think about what you actually need.

  • Are you just looking for greater storage capacity?
  • Storing food in a barn or outdoors?
  • Are pests a problem? What kind?
  • How long do you intend to store the food?
  • Is your dog particularly crafty?

Material Types

IRIS USA Inc Storage Container Red 2For many people, a simple airtight plastic container is the way to go. As long as construction is sturdy enough, you can store food in the open and not have to worry about insects getting in or your pet gaining access.

Of course, large and intelligent breeds like Siberian Husky may have a different idea about that. While a simple locking top can often keep out smaller dogs… a working dog with a lot of time on their hands can often gain access to just about anything.

If you’re storing food outside, you’ll also need to think about pests. Insects aren’t much of a concern with the majority of pet food containers, but pests like a raccoon can gain entry to most lids given enough time. Opposable thumbs and a decent sized animal are a bad combination for keeping your food safe.

In those cases, you may need a locking container.

simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can 25L 3Metal is preferable for security as even the hungriest dog won’t be able to chew through steel or thick aluminum. The best are made of stainless steel, which is far too hard for pretty much anything to chew through and can be found in thin gauges for lighter weight.

As a general rule, stainless steel is also inert and won’t react with the food which is held in the container.

We skipped wooden containers. They’re not airtight and are really just a box to keep the bag of food in. You can use pretty much anything large enough to do that, and they don’t offer any real benefit for your pets.


Being able to move a container around is great. Some of the bigger models even have wheels, which is a great way to make sure that you’re able to get food where it goes despite the increased weight they can hold.

Look for wheels and light containers for the best end result; they’ll make your life a lot easier.Gamma Vittles Vault Stackable Containers 45lbs 3

There are also containers that allow you to stack multiple items separately. These are great if you have dogs of different sizes or other animals in the home which need dry food, whether they’re cats or guinea pigs. These will allow you to store everything in one spot.

Ease of Cleaning

Sooner or later, you’ll need to clean whichever storage container you opt to use.

For the most part, stainless steel is the easiest to clean. While they’re a bit more pricey than other options, you’ll find that the ease of cleaning makes up for it. They also last longer than plastic options, of course.

Plastic is usually fairly easy to clean as well, but the containers often have nooks and crannies where kibble dust accumulates. Just be aware of how smooth the interior is before you make the investment.

Are There Any Other Benefits?


woman carryiing cat 2118863When you protect your dog’s food from pests, there’s more to it than just saving the food. Open bags, even when you crush them down on top, can lead to food getting stale, but the real problem is bacteria.

Bacteria love the porous environment that kibble creates, and if it’s particularly humid, it makes a great breeding ground. Protein, vitamins, and a huge surface area? That’s pretty much the ideal for those pesky germs that can make your dog ill.

When you’re protecting your food properly, you’re also protecting your pet.

The Top 6 Pet Food Containers

Best Overall

IRIS USA, Inc. 3- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo

IRIS USA Inc Storage Container Combo Blue 2For general indoor storage and convenience, the IRIS USA, Inc. 3-Piece set is pretty fantastic. First things first: the third piece is a scoop, there are only two boxes in this plastic pet food container.

Apart from that, it’s a utilitarian piece. The wheels allow you to move it around easily even when it’s completely full, and the two storage containers stack to allow you to make sure that you have the right food for all your animals.

IRIS USA Inc Storage Container Navy 2

The container closes tighter than many plastic dog food containers and has a foam inner seal. We’re not sure it’s quite air-tight, but it will last longer than pet food left in the open. For those concerned about extra longevity, it may be better to leave the food in the bag.

The biggest flaw is the wheels, unfortunately. They don’t roll all that well without applying a bit of downward pressure on them.

Our Opinion:

Still, as a basic indoor storage unit for pet food, this is a space-saving solution with enough options to be our favorite pick. Add in a great price, and you've got a real winner.

Best for Longterm Storage

Gamma Vittles Vault Stackable Home Collection Containers

Gamma Vittles Vault Stackable Containers 45lbs 4Longterm storage requires tough plastic, complete airtightness, and the ability to be placed conveniently. Gamma Vittles delivers with their stackable home vaults, which are available in three different sizes and allow food to last for much longer than any other option we looked at.

They’re also pretty much impenetrable by animals due to the screw in lid. Even the most clever dog is going to have trouble getting them open, and while a dedicated gnawer may be able to chew through the thick sides, it’ll definitely take some serious determination.

Gamma Vittles Vault Stackable Containers 18lbs 4
The ability to stack them makes them great for those who need to keep up with multiple animals or just want to ensure that they’re always stocked. In kennels and other situations where a commercial level of storage is required, they’re also an excellent option.

They’re really not the best for outdoor storage since the plastic doesn’t seem to be particularly weather-resistant. The O-rings inside also seem to represent a point of failure.GAmm

Our Opinion:

For those who have an indoor need for a ton of storage in the longterm, however, these are an excellent way to keep your pet food fresh and flavorful. They’re also great for commercial use.

Best Metal Dog Food Container

simplehuman 30 Liter, 32 lb Large Pet Food Storage Can

simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can 35L 2Stainless steel is one of the best materials for storing pet food. A good metal dog food container is a godsend for those pets who tend to tear into their bags and generally cause havoc when your back is turned on them.

This one is uniquely appealing to the eye as well, with a brushed stainless steel exterior that doesn’t look out of place. One of the most common complaints about other bins is that they’re see-through and a bit unsightly.

The whole thing is well-constructed and even has a magnetic scoop which affixes to the interior of the lid so you won’t have to dig out your scoop at every feeding time. It’s also airtight thanks to an internal seal.

The downside? Stainless steel is expensive, and it shows here. It’s also not suitable outdoor storage for your food, although it should do fine in a barn or shed if you’re absolutely sure the price is worth it.

Our Opinion:

For a durable, well-locking metal dog food container, look no further. This is the way to go if you’re willing to pay the premium for a great product.

Best for Outdoor Storage

Bergan Smart Storage

Bergan Smart Storage 22 pound 1With opaque plastic construction, the Bergan Smart Storage is a durable solution for keeping food outdoors. It’s designed to be weatherproof, and they’re even stackable for those who want to store large amounts of food easily without taking up a ton of space.

The larger models are a bit more durable than, the smaller ones, which is something to keep in mind when you’re sizing them out. That said, you can still access the stackable design even when they’re stacked, so they’re good if you have multiple types of pets.

Bergan Smart Storage 50 pound 1We primarily focused on larger models. While they’re not completely airtight, they provide a good seal and allow for food to stay fresh for longer. In warm, humid climates, you may want to make sure they’re under an overhang, however, as the tops are still clear.

So, as long as you skip the smaller models and are aware of the limitations, you’ll be in good hands. It’s a great storage system for commercial facilities or those with multiple types of pets as well due to the easy stackability.

Our Opinion:

If you're looking for a relatively cheap and solid outdoor pet food storage solution, this is one of the best. Just be aware the smallest models aren't quite up to par.

Best Budget Option

Van Ness Pet Food Container

Van Ness Pet Food Container 10lb 5If you just need something simple to keep your dog from chewing through the bag, then this is what you’re looking for. They’re cheap, made of plastic, and hold food.

For the most part, these are about as basic as you can get without just throwing the bag in the corner of the room. They seal, but not perfectly, and they’re mostly just a cheap alternative to our favorites.

Keep in mind that if you’re looking at serious pest problems… this isn’t the solution. Many people have reported insects being able to make their way in. That said, most animals haven’t been able to get into it, so it’s a great way to protect your dog or cat’s diet plan.

Our Opinion:

For a simple, durable solution to keeping pets out of their food bags, then you're in luck. Just be aware it doesn't do as much as any of our other favorites when it comes to most of the desired qualities in dog food storage.

Best Cat Food Container

Morezi Cat Treat and Food Storage Tin

Morezi Storage Canister Tins pet food 4Cats tend not to be quite as rambunctious as dogs when it comes to going after their food. Instead, convenience is a prime factor for those who are looking to store cat food since all you really need is a lid heavy and smooth enough to keep your cat out.

This one is just about perfect for that purpose. You can easily leave it on a counter or under a cabinet, and it has a nicer look to it than many of the others on the market. It’s also extremely durable, in case your cat gets the bright idea to knock it over.

There’s a little hook for the included scoop on the outside as well. The lid fits tightly and has a rubber ring around it.

Is it perfect? Not really. It’s probably not great for long term storage, and it’s a bit small.

Our Opinion:

That said, if you're looking for a cute and effective cat food container, then you should take a closer look at this one from Morezi. It's a great way to make sure that your cats have a stylish tin for their food.

Keeping Your Food Fresh for Longer

IRIS USA Inc Storage Container Everglade 2Keeping your food as fresh as possible doesn’t just mean getting a container. There are a few more things that you can do to ensure that your food does well.

  1. Keep It Cool-Lower temperatures will help food stay fresh for longer. If you live in an area where it’s possible, storage in a basement or other low-temperature area of the home will help to maintain your kibble’s integrity for a longer period.
  2. Use the Bag-For long term storage try fitting the bag into the container rather than simply pouring it all in. The bag will help provide extra protection, and most of them are relatively airtight, which will also help extend the food’s lifespan.
  3. Avoid the Sun-The sun is the enemy of your pet food; try to avoid it as much as possible. If storing outdoors, then use opaque containers with tight seals.
  4. Don’t Mix New Food With Old-Mixing new food into an old batch is a bad idea. The older food may be contaminated or degrading, and it will only speed up the damage done to your new food.

For the most part, you should simply follow the same rules as you would with normal, dry good foods. If you wouldn’t do it with your rice or beans… don’t do it with your pets’ food.

Common sense is your best bet in the long run.

Pet Food Container FAQ

adorable animal cat cat face 372651
Here we go again: we’ve anticipated any questions that might be headed down the turnpike, and we’ll answer them. If your question hasn’t been answered then drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

How can I tell if my pet food is going bad?

Most of the time, you’ll be able to smell it. If things smell rancid/rotten, the food needs to be discarded, and the container washed. Sometimes you’ll also get bugs in it, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad but is also a sign to discard. Check for mold regularly in long term storage.

Can I keep dog or cat food past its expiration date?

As a general rule, you should discard any food which has been just left in the bag past its expiration date. Otherwise, check the food regularly. Stale food often isn’t a problem, and expiration dates are mostly for company liability. If there are signs of rot or your pet won’t eat it, then you’ll want to discard the food.

How good are bags at keeping food fresh?

Most default packaging for pet food is meant to keep it fresh for an extended period. After all, it’s for shipping and the like. High-end foods may even have a ziplock to help keep it airtight. Low-end food is usually just bagged; kibble doesn’t rot quickly after all. It really depends on the packaging itself, but as a general rule, better food has better packaging.

What do I do if my animal won’t eat food that’s been stored?

close up photo of cat 2612982
Discard the food. Your animal’s senses are much better at telling if there’s a serious problem with what’s going on than yours. If they refuse to eat or seem ill afterward, then the food has gone bad.

What conditions are best for long term pet food storage?

Cool, dry areas that aren’t exposed to sunlight will help keep food in better shape for much longer. If you’re using an airtight method to store it as well, then it’s often in perfect shape for much longer than the “best by” date would indicate.

Storing Food Like a Pro

IRIS USA Inc Storage Container Combo Chrome 6Storing your cat and dog food doesn’t have to be a chore. There are a wide variety of different pet food containers to meet the needs of everyone, whether it’s just keeping your pup out of the bag or long term storage for a whole pack of animals.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s a perfect storage solution just waiting to be found.

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