The Best Cat Window Perch in 2023

Observant cat parents know well how much their adorable furry companions love relaxing by the window-side, especially with the delightful late morning sun sipping through the glass. The perfect cat window perch accounts for maximum comfort and comes in handy during the cold season to keep your cat purring in the tepid warmth. We went undercover to review the most all-rounded cat window hammock designs available in today’s market, offering utmost comfort, stability, and value for money.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill
“Comes with a complete entertainment center including a free catnip, comfy material, and a scratching surface.”

Best Comfort Cat Window HammockK&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window Hanging Bed and Hammock
“Available in both heated and nonheated versions with a super-soft orthopedic foam and a washable faux lambskin cover.”

Best Cat Window Perch No ScrewsKitty Cot Original
“Fitted with giant suction cups, super-strong fittings, and sturdy plastic pipes.”

Best Budget Cat Window PerchK&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed
“Designed to trap a cat’s body heat and dander, thus making it the perfect nest for naps.”

Best Interactive Cat SeatPetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch
“Integrates the thrill of climbing and a comfy cat window seat- two aspects that stimulates a cat for optimal wellness.”

Best for Multiple CatsCat Window Perch Double Window Hammock 
“Spacious and stable design with two cat window beds that can comfortably accommodate large cats.”

Best Windowsill Gap Cat window BedPetsfit Safety Sturdy Cat Window Perch 
“Easy to assemble, and the design offers maximum stability when compared to suction cup cat window hammocks.”

Table of Contents

The EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill tops our review because of its added features. The extra features make it a complete entertainment center for cats. Its suction cups have a vice-like grip on glass surfaces, and the product is easily assembled in a couple of minutes.

Once fixed on the window, this model provides your adorable cat ample personal space to lounge and a rigid scratcher surface for it to stretch after sunbathing. Frisky cats readily take to this design owing to the hanging catnip bag that keeps the fluffy predators in a brisk spirit.

The catnip goes a long way to attract a cat to explore the window perch and establish its comfort zone on the window. Even young kittens or cats that have never experienced a cat window hammock, readily get adjusted to having this model at home.

Our Opinion:

Many cat parents fall in love with the EZ Mount Scratcher Kitty Sill, and it is easy to understand why. It is the resourcefulness and elegant design from one of the world’s most trusted cat accessories brands. The product is also reasonably priced, considering its durability. K&H Pet brand really gave competitors a run for their money with this product.

This is another exquisite product from the K&H Pet brand that capitalizes on comfort and stability above everything else. This means even a 40-pound feline can climb on and bask freely in the sun or get frisky on the kitty window bed watching birds play outside.

The super cozy orthopedic foam with the faux lambskin top will get your cat purring as soon as it steps on the cat window bed. You do not have to worry about the cover accumulating dirt in the long run as it is washable. When considering stability and long-term use, this model is firmly attached to the window sill, thus the extra support.

You do not need any tools to mount the cat seat. K&H Pet brand also offers its esteemed customers fantastic options to choose from for this specific product featuring heated and unheated window perch for cats.

Our Opinion:

There is little to criticize about this model as its only downside is for users without a window sill to mount it. Even for the nonheated model, the super-soft cover keeps the kitty warm in the winter. It is only in adverse weather conditions that the heated hammock comes in handy. The orthopedic foam is also medically approved for pets for orthopedic support. We highly recommend the Kitty Sill Cat Window Hanging Bed and Hammock.

Best Cat Window Perch No Screws: Kitty Cot Original

If you are browsing for the best cat window perch in today’s market, it is worth checking out the Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch. With over 1,200 satisfied clients worldwide, and averaging a 4.5-star review from multiple online platforms, this model got our attention. From a glance, it is not only stylishly designed but also features sturdy components including the fully approved HSA suction cups and a frame made of strong PVC pipes. This top product, therefore, passes for durability.

Many Amazon users among other online platforms agree that the product is easy to set up since it only requires fitting stainless steel support and 4 giant patented suction cups onto the window. No tools are needed to get the mounting job done. The amazing piece can hold a weight of up to 25 pounds and has a tough fabric called ‘Tiger-Mesh’.It is almost impossible for the cat to tear or rip it off. Better still; the fabric is easy to clean with soap and water making it a convenient choice for whoever buys it.

Evidently, this is one of the best no screw cat window perches in the market. It is offered in small, medium, and large sizes. It is a good option for both young and old cats, to enjoy sunbathing, especially while bird watching. Such scenes are essential for the wellness of a domesticated cat as they can easily stimulate their mental health and natural instinct. If your cat companion is the snuggling type, you can increase its comfort level and warmth in the winter by adding another blanket layer on the cat window bed.

Our Opinion:

Kitty Cot Original is one of the best window perch in the market compared to many others since it achieves the desired stability without the screws. It is completely held up using suction cups and although it is a little pricier it gives value for money with a reliable service. The Kitty Cot is also weather-resistant and consists of easy to clean material; an important aspect that should not be overlooked if you intend to buy a cat window hammock for long-term use. Additionally, it has sufficient space for a large cat to lay and relax. These unique features coupled with the comfortable design make the perch a must-have option for smart cat owners.

Best Budget Cat Window Perch: K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed

If you are in the market for a cat window bed with a limited budget, you do not have to compromise on quality. K&H Pet Products brands have you adequately sorted with its extensive variety of quality products. The EZ model does not require cords or wires to assemble. Its installation is easy because, unlike other perches, this cat window perch has no screws and is packaged with three super-powerful suction cups to attach to the window surface.

The nest-style design of the cat window perch creates a cozy space with an accessible top entry that is appealing to most cats. The stability provided by suction cups guarantees the cat’s safety as they relax and watch the world from the window. For cats that enjoy enclosures, the removable pad provides another level of comfort.

When the pad gets dirty, it can be machine-washed and tumble-dried at low heat. Additionally, the outer cover is easily spot cleaned. The only downside is that the suction cups may loosen when temperatures fall, mostly, in the winter, necessitating frequent checks and reattaching the suction cups. Since this is a problem that can be anticipated, managing it should be no trouble. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that the suction cups are cleaned every month.

Our Opinion:

What we love about this design is the ease of installation and the fact that no hardware is required to set up the cat window box. Interestingly, the perch comes in 3 colors and has an insulated kitty pad to ensure that your kitty retains its body heat. Besides, the fashionable structure and the durable perch design is something to behold as it complements the interior decor.

When going through the standard features of a typical cat window perch, it is customary to put your feline’s safety before anything else. In most cases, cat owners are worried by the thought of their furry friends getting tangled in the hammock’s wires or falling due to weak suction cups. With such considerations in mind, the worthwhile option we found in our review is the PetFusion Ultimate Climbing Window Perch.

The old classic-a tree perch contains suction cups that make it convenient for use in a modern house. Its design is meant to bring more action closer to the cats. Besides, the kitty perch has replaceable sisal scratching components to offer flexibility in the event the kitty destroys the surface with its claws. Even better, these units can be set in various positions to provide the ultimate experience. This is an accessory your cat won’t get bored of any time soon.

The only drawback of using this window perch, it is not the most suitable option for older cats due to its height. PetFusion, Ultimate stands 45” high. However, this problem can be remedied by positioning other furniture next to the cat window perch for easier access. A shallow cat bed or Velcro is another modification option to anchor the sleeping pad and prevent the cat from slipping off.

Our Opinion:

We liked the versatile design presented by the PetFusion Ultimate cat window perch because it allows active felines to exercise their instincts. With this option, your cat can combine its natural scratching and climbing instincts with the environmental enrichment that they need. Despite domestication, cats still possess a raw hunting instinct and hence the thought behind PetFusion Ultimate climbing perch.

Best for Multiple Cats: Cat Window Perch Double Window Hammock

Cats have big souls and form a loving bond with their human parents. For some, a single feline friend just ain’t enough. After all, having one is a blessing, two is happiness. That’s precisely the reason why the Cat Window Perch Double Window Hammock aims for versatility with its spacious design. The double compartmentalized model offers an amazing way to let multiple furry friends relax and sleep while enjoying scenic views from your window.

This particular cat window perch has numerous benefits to both cat owners and the kitties. Apart from providing a good place to sleep and relax, the perch saves on room space since the item can be attached to the windows. If you want to close the window curtains, the cat window hammock doesn’t get in your way since it can be easily folded.

The push-n-turn installation style for suction cups is practical for new users. Additionally, the cat window bed amplifies fun and relaxation levels for two sizeable cats. Overall, the double window perch-hammock is an excellent choice for your lovely furry friends to play, bird watching, or sleep.

Our Opinion:

This hammock-style cat window model is versatile because it can be mounted on any smooth and airtight space, including tiles, mirrors, glass, windows, stainless steel, among other surfaces. If you have multiple feline friends in your home, this particular kitty window perch is a unique gift for them.

Best Windowsill Gap Cat Bed: Petsfit Safety Sturdy Cat Window Perch

The sturdy platform by Petsfit Safety offers plenty of room for active cats. The cat window perch has excellent stability above most window perches. The no-frills solid wood build can be used to reinforce the structure for plump kitties. This works to ensure that the cat is well-balanced while on the platform.

Installing the window perch is an easy task since it does not require drilling on the walls. All you need to do is tighten the fit using a Philips head screwdriver. The manufacturers aid the setup process by attaching a QR code on the packaging to link the user to a YouTube tutorial with a concise explanation of the entire installation process. Thoughtful, right? Although the fleece mat is not extra cushioned, you have the option to add more covers on top to make it more comfortable for your cat.

These mats are removable, meaning you can wash them from time to time whenever they get dirty. Moreover, the wood base is a good idea because you can customize it to match your home’s furniture.

Our Opinion:

From our rigorous analysis of the latest products in the market, we established that Petsfit Safety is a hardy but straightforward cat window perch that offers ample space.  It has an enhanced stability factor that is rarely seen in other window perches. Also, we appreciate that even though the perch may not fit with all windowsills, the manufacturer factored in several workarounds to ensure all kinds of users get their money’s worth from the model.

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