How to Teach Your Dog: Shake

Although this cue has no real obedience benefit, it is cute and fun for both dog and owner. In addition, every new cue your dog learns helps him/her to learn new cues quicker so why not teach your dog a simple and fun cue.

  1. Prepare in advance a clicker and some highly reinforcing treats.
  2. Have your dog sit and then take a treat and put it over his/her head. Gradually, move the treat to one side of the dog’s head. This would get the dog to move sideways and make him/her lift one paw – look at the paw and click and treat when it is raised from the ground.
  3. Repeat many times.
  4. Try to get the dog to move his/her leg higher and higher before getting the treat.
  5. Now, while your dog’s paw is in the air, grab it with your hand before clicking and treating.
  6. Repeat many times.
  7. When your dog is doing this well. Start holding the treat lower and lower until you just have to show it to the dog and the paw is lifted.
  8. Now, we are ready to add the cue ‘shake’ while the dog is lifting his/her paw up.
  9. Gradually, start saying the word ‘shake’ earlier and earlier until it is being said before the behavior occurs.
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