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Shaping is a training method in which the trainer is an observer rather than an active participant in the learning. By observing behaviors, clicking, and

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The Clicker Game

(It is recommended that you read the Shaping article before reading this one) The clicker game is a great method to learn how to use the clicker

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Gradual Training

One of the most important aspects of dog training is the pace in which it is conducted. Many owners and trainers expect too much of

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Charging the Clicker

In order for the clicker to have a meaning, we need to “charge” it. This means that we need to tell the dog that this

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The 5 Best Pet Stain Removers in 2023

We’ve all been there.

We love our pets, but they can sure make a mess sometimes. If you’ve got a dog or a cat that’s been leaving regular urine stains on the rug and tracking mud in then you’re looking for something a little bit stronger than the usual fare.

Thankfully for you, we’ve compiled the best pet stain removers currently around. Take a long, good look at them and we’ll help you figure out which is the best for your home and pet.

Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Make a careful choice and you’ll be able to say goodbye to messy stains and odors left by your pets. It’s time to enjoy a clean home once more, no matter how messy your pet is.

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