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The Puppy Well-Being Training System

Teach your puppy to be a part of your family – With positive and humane training methods Note from author: I wrote this book for the new puppy owner. I hope that you enjoy the book and that it will

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The Best Clicker and Dog Training Books

Recommended Clicker Training Books Click for Joy A great clicker training book for the novice and experienced clicker trainer. Written in a simple to understand language, the author explains the concepts of clicker training and gives tips for the training.

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Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed Products

The Best Large Dog Beds in 2019

When you’ve got a mammoth mastiff or a large Labrador sharing your home you’re going to need a bed to fit.

Thanks to their superior size and weight, however, those large dogs which have snuggled their way into our hearts have some special needs in addition to the size of the bed.

If you’re looking to get a great bed for your large dog then you’re in the right place. Our roundup contains all of the best large dog beds that this year has to offer.

Read on and we’ll show you how to pick the right bed for your dog. Remember, it’s not just about size, if you’re doing your best for your dog then you’re going to need to dig a little bit deeper than that.

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Best Dog Food for Puppies

    When you introduce a puppy to your home, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with it. Along with the shots, care, and time it takes in order to make sure that your puppy grows up into a

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Leave It

Teaching your dog to leave objects or food is a very important part of your dog’s training. It is many Times a matter of safety for your dog since there are so many things that he naively can try to

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Go Back

Teaching your dog to take a few steps back can be very helpful when you are entering your house with groceries and your dog comes to greet you a bit too enthusiastically. It is useful for many other situations in

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Stand is a good cue to teach when you need to get going. Some dogs like the down or sit position once they are settled and many owners need to pull on the leash to get them going. Using the

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Although this cue has no real obedience benefit, it is cute and fun for both dog and owner. In addition, every new cue your dog learns helps him/her to learn new cues quicker so why not teach your dog a

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Loose Leash Walking

Dogs that take their owners to a walk and pull them around have a problem. The owner hates the walk, and hence he/she shortens it. The dog, who simply wanted to explore the world loses and the owner is upset.

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There is no other cue more important to dog owners than this one. Any dog owner would love to have a dog that leaves everything it is doing and comes back running to the owner when it is called. Teaching

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Down is a great cue that teaches the dog to relax even in stressful situations. Combing this cue with the ‘stay’ cue provides for a great management and control tool for the owner over the dog. Teaching this cue can

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Sitting is a behavior most dogs do anyway. Hence, it is fairly simple to have this behavior on cue. All we have to do is tell the dog that a treat is coming if he/she sits. Prepare in advance a

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The ‘touch’ cue is easy to teach and it is a great tool to learn the clicker training method. It is also very useful for future training. Learning this cue teaches the trainer the timing of the click and teaches

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The Importance of Reinforcers

If we want to succeed with positive reinforcement training we need to make sure that the reinforcers we use actually reinforce the dog. Remember, that it is the dog who decided whether something is reinforcing for him/her. Just to make

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Shaping is a training method in which the trainer is an observer rather than an active participant in the learning. By observing behaviors, clicking, and rewarding approximations of the wanted final behavior, we can gradually get the dog to learn

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