The 10 Best Interactive Cat Toys in 2023

A cat that lacks daily stimulation within a home is more likely to be a troublemaker. Cats can quickly get bored, and in most homes, pet parents will actively engage their dogs more than they would a cat. Luckily, the interactive cat toy department is now more exciting than ever.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Yvelife Cat Laser Toy 
“Designed with five adjustable circling frequencies with automated on/off functions to stimulate a cat’s hunting instinct.”

Best Interactive Prey Cat Toy: SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy 
“Mimics the movement of a hidden prey to stimulate the cats hunting instinct.”

Best Treat Dispensing Cat Toy: Cat Amazing Sliders 
“This treat-dispensing interactive cat toy with ever-changing treat puzzles regulates a cat’s eating pace and frequency for healthier feeding patterns.”

Best Cat Toy for Multiple Cats: SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug 
“Serves multiple functions and can be configured differently to keep the cat engaged.”

Best Remote Control Cat Toy: HEXBUG Deluxe Nano Cat Toy 
“Designed with mouse-like features that bring out the cat’s predatory instinct. The remote control feature maximizes fun in the household.”

Best Budget Interactive Cat Toy: Catit Senses 2.0 Digger 
“Cost-effective treat-dispensing interactive cat toy with maximum mental and physical stimulation.”

Best Interactive Ball Toy for Cats: Interactive Cat Toy Ball 
“360-degree self-spinning rechargeable ball that changes direction automatically.”

Best All-in-one Cat Scratcher Toy: AUOON Cat Scratcher Toy 
“Versatile toy with a scratcher surface, a ball track, and a suspended mouse swatter.”

Best Interactive Cat Toy for Indoors: Catit Design Senses Super Roller 
“Designed with an adjustable high-low circuit with a motion-activated luminous ball.”

Best Interactive Catnip Toy: FAYOGOO 5Pcs Catnip Toys 
“Quality 5-piece catnip toys recommendable for frisky cats and kittens.”

Table of Contents

Best Overall: Yvelife Cat Laser Toy

Yvelife Laser Cat toy is by far the best automated laser cat toy on this list. If you have a large space in your living room, this interactive cat toy is most definitely designed for your cheeky feline. The laser toy has unique features such as anti-collision capabilities, random patterns, and adjustable circling that are intended to safeguard your pet from harm while at the same time providing an exciting playtime.

The laser turns off after 15 minutes and turns on after every 3 hours, making it energy efficient and not too predictable to bore the cat. This automation allows the cats to be active at healthy intervals, preventing them from sleeping the entire day or being sluggish. A super silent motor helps to maintain the cat’s focus. This gives you a hassle-free moment where you can participate in other activities without worrying about your cat’s need for physical stimulation.

Our Opinion:

What we liked most about Yvelife laser interactive cat toy is that you can place it on high ground to improve the scope of the game. Even better, the device is rechargeable via a USB port, which means you don’t have to purchase replacement batteries continually. In the long run, the automatic laser pointer saves you money and makes the house an exciting place for any furry friend.

Best Interactive Prey Cat Toy: SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

Our excitable house companions require their playtime, just like any other animal in their natural habitat. Unlike dogs and other pets that we are quite fond of and actively take them for walks and playtime in the park, cats tend to be individualistic and often fall off the grid. Such domesticated felines also need to channel their fervent energy through constructive playtime. As much as cat toys are recommended for pet owners who spend considerable time away from their households, not all toys have the capacity to capture a cat’s interest in the long run hence the need for interactive cat toys. Feline pets exposed to active playtime are not only sharp but healthy and energetic.

SMARTYKAT Hot Pursuit is an electronic toy that rarely goes unnoticed by cat parents when shopping for a playmate for their furry friends. The toy strikingly amplifies the playtime fun by replicating movements of disguised prey. Sounds fascinating, right? Multiple felines compete for the prey-like toys, increasing the activity level for a household with multiple pets. Cats find the pursuit process quite fascinating and guarantee lengthy playtime. The comfortable and durable fabric is an enticing playground, while the customized speed levels allow you to alter gaming intensity.

Our Opinion:

SmartyKat is a practical cat toy, according to numerous online customer reviews. The toy beats its competitors hands down, making it a recommendable pick in our list of best interactive cat toys. The toy also offers great value for money with its prolonged service.

There is no doubt that cats have a bigger appetite for fun and exploration than most pets. The Cat Amazing Sliders puzzle feeder is designed with versatility in mind. It serves as a cat feeder and an interactive toy that stimulates your fluffy friends and keeps them mentally and physically engaged for the better part of the day. This cat puzzle ranks high in our list as it is proven to test a cat intellectually while at the same time allowing it to fulfill its innate desire to hunt.

Cats are considered brilliant animals. Veterinarians recommend this amazing interactive puzzle toy to improve your cat’s puzzle-solving abilities because it gives them a chance to showcase their smartness in the different difficulty levels when searching for food. Changing the daily rations and alternating between a cat’s favorite treats keeps things enjoyable whenever you are not around. The puzzle toy is a vital component in your kitty’s overall wellness. It achieves this goal by promoting mental stimulation, constructive exercise, and healthy weight loss. Moreover, the puzzle feeders alongside other package tools are a great arsenal to prevent overeating and other addiction-related issues.

Our Opinion:

If you’ve been looking for an interactive treat dispenser to improve your indoor cat’s physicality and mental stimulation, the Cat Amazing Sliders are a great find. We enjoyed reviewing this product and think that it is one of the best products in the market. It has a steady design with tough material hence suitable for small and large cats. This is an interactive cat toy suited to fight boredom and engage your kitty’s wild drive to seek, hunt, and stay active.

Best Cat Toy for Multiple Cats: SnugglyCat The Ripple Rug

The best way to engage your domestic feline’s instincts to play and hunt is by stimulating its physical and mental health. The Ripple Rug achieves this function in a fun and super creative way. This cat mat is both an interactive toy and a puzzle toy combined in one intelligent design.

The rug consists of two pieces and non-slip rubber. The top part has multiple holes of different sizes and features Velcro straps that can create different configurations by combining the top and bottom elements. Essentially, this turns the ripple rug into a new interactive activity center in each play session capturing your cat’s interest every time.

Our Opinion:

Even before reviewing and testing the Ripple Rug, its design was something to behold. We were impressed by the amount of thought that went into the creative design. We are confident that this product will add entertainment value to the house, especially for households with multiple cats.

Best Remote Control Cat Toy: HEXBUG Deluxe Nano Cat Toy

When considering the most enthralling cat toys, the HEXBUG Deluxe Nano Cat Toy has to be top of your wish list. If you are a busy pet owner, you obviously want an interactive cat toy that prevents your furry companions from feeling your absence and hence the HEXBUG electronic cat toy. The energetic companion sets the mood just right for your furry friend and is very entertaining to watch your cat have at it.

The toy pack includes HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy, two Nano Robotic Cat Toys, remote control, and 12 double A batteries to ensure the fun is not cut short. The toy comes in a wide range of colors for you to choose from.

Our Opinion:

By far, the HEXBUG robotic toy ranks high in this category due to its refreshing design. Many cat parents opt for this design since their pets are intuitively attracted to the toy. The numerous positive customer feedback we got to review show that the product is a bargain.

Best Budget Interactive Cat Toy: Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

If you’ve been looking for an efficient cat toy to keep your beloved cat engrossed without breaking the bank, the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger is your go-to model. This model is designed as an interactive cat toy as well as a slow cat feeder. This makes it best suited for zealous cats that get greedy during feeding time.

Pet parents of greedy cats often struggle to ration cat treats, mostly when the cat is left alone in the house. Such pets can gobble through an entire day ration in a couple of minutes. The solution is buying an interactive Catit design that features a food bowl with protruding tubes with different girths and depths. The cat paws away and has to work to get their treats. Catit designs are innovatively designed to engage all the pet’s senses to enhance their instincts at the comfort of your house.

Our Opinion:

This model is user-friendly and easy to exercise maintenance practices like disassembling to clean. It also has a stable base and a wide rubber mat that prevents sliding. At its price range, this product is indeed a steal.

Best Interactive Ball Toy for Cats: Interactive Cat Toy Ball

The Interactive Cat Toy Ball is slightly larger than a tennis ball and is designed to keep your cat entertained for hours. The perfect ball size makes it easy for the cat to spot, and the extra features like the motion LED red light really intrigue pets, especially playful kittens. Like a small sneaky animal, the ball’s movements are automatic and unpredictable, stimulating the cat mentally and physically in the same manner as stalking prey.

Forget the rubber or fuzzy balls. These interactive cat toy balls take a cat’s playtime to another level with just a push of a button. Once it is switched on, the ball starts to rotate while emitting a red light that captures the cat’s attention. This device’s self-rotating ability ensures that the ball doesn’t get stuck in corners, hence no need to monitor your cat during playtime.

Our Opinion:

For most cats, unpredictable movements make hunting exciting. Apart from rough surfaces like thick, plush carpets, the ball can navigate nearly all other kinds of surfaces and continuously change direction whenever it meets an obstacle. Overall, we think that the ball is convenient for its durability and charging capabilities.

Best All-in-one Cat Scratcher Toy: AUOON Cat Scratcher Toy

Felines, just like any other pets under our roofs, have their preferences. Turns out, scratching is one of their spices of life. Cats need to sharpen their claws every now and then. Different cats have different preferences in scratching surfaces, and that is why we recommend the AUOON design for its versatility.

The new scratcher toy comes inclusive of a Mouse Swatter. Along with the mouse swatter, runs a thin track along the scratch board’s circumference, which houses a ball for extra fun. The scratchboard is made from a rigid material that does not pull out easily even after continued use. Considering that felines usually have their claws tucked in most of the time, having a scratch surface is ideal and soothing.

It is quite intriguing to see the cat stretching its forelimbs while scratching its claws in the sisal mat. The turbo scratch induces dexterity, stamina, and increased intelligence levels. The cats have to employ a wide array of attributes to catch the rolling ball.

Our Opinion:

Among the cat scratchers in the market, the AUOON Cat Scratcher Toy ranks highest on the pecking order. Numerous customer reviews indicate that domestic felines record improved physique and sharp intelligence levels from such interactive cat toys. This justifiably makes it the most sought-after cat scratcher.

Best Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Use: Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats

Look no further than Catit Design senses Super Roller Circuit. The closed play circuit toy is the modern-day Disney World for your furry friends. Each circuit comprises a ball trapped inside a tube, spinning just like a roller coaster.

The play circuit comes in 8 individual pieces with both high and low sections that are easy and ready to assemble. Regardless of age or size, all cats are immensely amused by the lighted ball circling the tubes gaining speed with every tap. The circuit can be customized to over 50 shapes to make the playtime even more enticing.

The Catit super roller circuit design’s working mechanism is such that it appeals to the cat’s sight, touch, and sound senses. The product’s features naturally appeal to the cat’s natural hunting instincts. It also provides a reasonable means to engage, entice, and entertain your furry friends when they are left alone in the house.

Our Opinion:

Since the track pieces clip together, the track can be set up into different layouts. We agree with most other reviewers that this feature, plus the high-low circuit and the luminous ball make the product an excellent option for the price.

Best Interactive Catnip Toy: FAYOGOO Catnip Kicker

Catnip kickers explore a whole new level of feline playtime. The interactive cat toy’s overall purpose is to induce a prey-like behavior that arouses the impressionable cats’ hunting instinct- an essential attribute they do not get much of in a domestic environment.

Improve your cat’s playtime with FAYOGOO 5pc Catnip Kicker. The toy readily induces unending fun for your feline and family. Kitties often suffer from loneliness when you are away from home, a problem that the catnip kicker effectively mitigates.

The package includes an electric fish cat toy, a USB cable to recharge the toy, a catnip pocket, and five different catnip toys. The available toy designs range from a mouse, eggplant, rabbit, avocado, and carrot. To get things going, you can add your feline’s favorite fragrance.

Our Opinion:

The rechargeable cat toy is one of our favorite picks in the Catnip Kicker section. Of particular interest is the assortment of toys that comes along with the package. The felines’ hygiene is also kept in check as the toys are washable. Therefore, it’s no trouble giving this interactive cat toy the highest recommendation.

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