Chapter 2: The Well-Being Training System

The system of well-being will allow your puppy to become a stable and content dog. You can think of this system as a series of behavioral vaccination that will protect your dog from developing behavioral problems. Each section of this training method is designed to increase the understanding between humans and canines and by that increasing the bond between the two species.

The methods described are simple and can be followed by anyone. You do not need to be a dog trainer in order to succeed. All the methods are humane and positive and the great thing about them is that no damage is done to your dog if you make a mistake. Working with your dog, using positive methods is very rewarding both to the dog and the owner.

Puppies require a lot of attention and time investment. Investing quality time with your puppy, time in which training and learning occur is like putting money in a savings account with a very high-interest rate. After only several months of investment in educating your puppy, you will see great results that last. All family members can and should participate in training the new puppy but small children should always be supervised.

Now, let us start describing each section of the method in detail.

A Little about Training Session Duration:

Puppies tend to have short attention spans. They cannot concentrate for long periods of time. Hence, it is always wise to keep the training session very brief. A 30 seconds session with 10 repetitions can be more beneficial than a five minutes session. Some puppies (especially working breeds) can concentrate for longer times. Some cannot concentrate for more than 30 seconds at a time. Keep your training sessions short and successful and always end on a good note. If your puppy improves at the end of 10 repetitions, stop the session, wait 5-10 minutes and start another session.

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