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Appendix: Socialization Table

The more positive experiences your puppy will have with humans, animals, objects, and noises, the less fearful he will be and the more stable his personality will be. Add a reward to any new encounter in the first few months of your dog’s life. Pay special attention to socialize puppies to babies and small children.

New experience/ dog’s age 8-9 weeks 10-11 weeks 12-13 weeks 13-14 weeks 15-16 weeks 4-5 months 6-7 months
Large men
Men with beards
Construction workers
Men with sunglasses
Individuals with disabilities
Small animals
Large dogs
Other puppies
Other farm animals
Postal worker
Bicycle, skateboards
Kids riding bicycles
Small kids
Crying baby
Luggage, crates, toys
Rain, thunder, lightning
Vacuum cleaner
Washing machine
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