Chapter 1: Introduction

Dogs and humans have one main problem that constantly works against them: they are of different species! As obvious as this seems, many dog owners

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Chapter 3.4: Barking

Birds sing, cows moo, birds meow, people talk, and dogs…..bark. Barking is a normal behavior that allows dogs to communicate with the world around them.

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Chapter 3.3: Chewing

Most dog owners have experienced the loss of a valuable object to their dog’s curious mouth at one point or another. If you have a

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Chapter 3.2: Crate Training

The crate is a great training tool. When used correctly, it operates as a management and prevention tool for several behavior problems including house soiling

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Chapter 2.2: Handling

In direct continuation to socialization comes handling. The term handling refers amount of physical touch and restraint the dog can withstand without showing signs of

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